Weatherchecking Nitro Clearcoat (transparent)

Weatherchecking Nitro Clearcoat (transparent)
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This "Weatherchecking" nitro lacquer was developed by a lacquer manufacturer especially for "Gitarrenbastler" It is plasticizer-free and therefore quite brittle, which causes it to crack after days even without temperature exposure. You can always apply it on top of thin-layered well-dried opaque or transparent nitro finishes. This paint is very wayward. Customers report: "does not crack at all", "works great", "makes terribly ugly furrows".  The result depends on what kind of substructure you have under the Weatherchecking. As already mentioned, primers and paints that have been applied as thinly as possible and have dried thoroughly are advantageous. As a filler, I recommend Aqua Coat because it is water-based, contains no plasticizers and does not dissolve from the paint or mix with it. The weatherchecking effect can be mitigated by adding regular nitro clearcoat.

  • fast drying
  • high gloss
  • brittle
  • plasticizer-free

With nitrocellulose lacquer, whitish milky surfaces can occur at high temperatures and high humidity (e.g. on sultry summer days). Do not panic, these disappear with repeated overspray.

30ml container 5,50- Euro -> price per liter 183,33- Euro

250ml container 12,50,- Euro -> price per liter 50,- Euro

500ml container 19,50,- Euro -> price per liter 39,- Euro

H302+H312+H332 Harmful if in contact with skin, inhaled or swallowed.
H315 Causes skin irritation
H319 Causes severe eye irritation
H336 May cause drowsiness and dizziness.
H411+H412 Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effect.

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